A Heart Helper May Come at a Price for the Brain

Doctors have been fielding reports from patients that statins leave them feeling “fuzzy,” and unable to remember small and big things.

The Man Working To Reverse-Engineer Your Brain

Our brains are filled with billions of neurons. Neuroscientist Sebastian Seung explains how mapping out the connections between those neurons might be the key to understanding the basis of things like personality, memory, perception, ideas and mental illness.

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Can Gardening Help Troubled Minds Heal?

Psychiatrists have long claimed that gardens hold healing powers for mental illness. Now, scientists are exploring a new field called horticultural therapy for everyone from troubled youth to veterans. But just how gardens affect the brain remains mainly a mystery.

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Drug Rapidly Counters Effects of Alzheimer’s In Mice

Reporting in Science, researchers write that an FDA-approved drug for skin cancer had surprising results in mice with Alzheimer’s. The drug rapidly cleared up amyloid protein from the brain and improved cognitive function. Co-author Gary Landreth discusses the drug’s potential as a therapy for Alzheimer’s.

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